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      Vacuum reflux furnace

      Product introduction
      Product description

      The combination of upper hot air, lower IR heating and vacuum pressure in KNR vacuum nitrogen reflow furnace can far exceed the high quality welding performance of traditional reflow welding even in a few temperature zones. When solder paste containing bubbles is used for welding, the area of bubbles can be reduced to less than 1% by using this vacuum welding method. Flux recovery devices are installed in three locations of heating temperature zone and one location of cooling zone, which greatly reduces the possibility of flux dropping.

      With the deterioration of the earth's environment, countries are demanding to reduce carbon emissions. This reflow furnace is designed and manufactured according to the three most suitable projects to meet the requirements of environmental protection.        

        (1) Reduction of power consumption            

        (2) Reduction of nitrogen use           

        (3) Reducing the Emission of Organic Gases                  





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