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      Company Profile

           SRF CO., LTD. (SRF) , was established in July 2009 and is headquartered in Shanghai. We also have offices in Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and Hong Kong.

      SRF is the sales and technical support center of Japan Sawa Corporation in China. In recent years, our company has focused on cleaning for the electronics industry, forming a full-service model including cleaning equipment and cleaning agents and providing cleaning technology solutions. The company also develops and manufactures cleaning equipment and cleaning agents for the electronics manufacturing industry,Smart Glasses, Vacuum Reflow Equipment and Factory Automation. Our entire product line fulfils ROHS, SGS and REACH standards. We also import foreign high-end manufacturing equipment like ultrasound cleaning equipment.

      We provide high-end electronics manufacturing customers with cleaning solutions to meet environmental protection requirements, improve product quality, stabilize production quality, and improve production efficiency.

      By bringing the most advanced and eco-friendly cleaning technologies and equipment from around the world, we enhance our customers’ productivity and help them manage the environmental impact. Together we will help build a greener Earth and a brighter future.

      Core Values

      Service:        Service as the foundation

      Rules:           Compliance as the core

      Future-tech:  Technology as the driver of development

      Company Goals

      Do It Now! Do It Immediately! Do It Together!

      Customer Satisfaction, Employee Pride, And Social Recognition

      Company Summary

      Name: SRF CO., LTD.

      Date of Establishment: July 10th, 2009

      Registered Capital: 5,000,000 RMB

      Zip code:201108

      Company Address: Room 112C,Building 1,1199 Jindu Road,Minhang District,Shanghai

      Bank of Deposit: Agricultural Bank Of China

      Business Activities

      Development, production and sales of SRF proprietary cleaning equipment, cleaning agents,Smart Glasses / Vacuum Reflow Equipment / Factory Automation.

      Sales and after-sales service of Japan Sawa Corporation products.

      Sales and distribution of SMT / semiconductor / passive component related equipment, consumables, tools.

      Copyright ? 2010 SRF Corporation ALL Rights Reserved. 沪ICP备10025342号-3
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